Professor Si Won Hwang   Si Won Hwang / 황시원


   Phone: +82-32-626-1145

   Office: Academic Building B409


   1991-1996, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Inha University

   1967-1971, M.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Yeungnam University

   1981-1984, B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Yeungnam University




• 2017-Present, Dean of Administration, State University of New York (SUNY) Korea
• 2016-Present, Leading Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York (SUNY) Korea
• 1996-2013, Professor, Dean of Graduate School of Teachers, Dean of Railway Engineering College, Dongyang University
• 1992-2016, Instructor, College of Engineering, Inha University 
• 1997, Tenured and Promoted Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dongyang University


Research Area:

• Fracture Mechanics
• Traffic Accident Reconstruction
• EDR/CDR Specialist
• Railway Safety Engineering


Major Research Achievements:

• Dr. Hwang has contributed extensively to the knowledge of Railway Safety for Korea Railway Company.
• Dr. Hwang also investigated a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist solution for EDR and CDR Professional. He has studied Advanced. Traffic Accident Reconstruction that was offered by IPTM, of North Florid University 2009, at the Saint Rewis in February 2016. Dr. Hwang has participated as advanced TAR, is also a specialist of EDR & CDR, and was teaching for Military Police (MP).
• He is also a member of the Committee of the Evaluation of Government Project of KAIA, which is affiliated with Ministry of Land and Transportation (MOT). He was a Safety Committee Member of KORAIL, Seoul Metropolitan Co., Seoul Subway Co.
• Over the period 1973 through 1975, Dr. Hwang carried out design and drawing of semi-automated lathes and manufacture as a team leader of design. From 1994 to 1996 he also worked for the designing a developing automated photograph machine and exhibited at the Quelen, Germany. The Jung Ang newspaper wrote his interview about the new system of the automated photo machines.
• He has served as an Associate Editor (2009-2013) of Railway Association Magazine.


Courses Taught:

MEC 225: Fundamentals of Machining Practices
MEC 316: Mechanical Engineering Lab I: Sensors and Instrumentation Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Lab
Mechanics of Materials (Roy. R. Craig, Jr.)
Vector Mechanics for Engineer, Statics
Engineering Design Graphics
Computer-Aided Design and AutoCAD
Mechanical Engineering Design & Drawing
Blue Print Reading
ANSI, ISO Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance


Activities of Technology for Government and Railway Research Evaluation:

• 2016, (NCS) Edited the textbook of special vehicle of railroad of the National Competency Standards.
• 2014, (MOLAB) Working Group committee member of the Ministry of Employment and Labor.
• 2014, (Korail) Technology Committee member Korea Railway Association.
• 2014, (KTS) CEO evaluating committee member of Korea Transportation Safety Authority.
• 2013, (MOLIT) A Technology Committee member of development railway of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Korea.
• 2011-Present, (KAIA) Technology Member of Evaluation of a research project of the Korea Agency Infrastructure Technology Advancement.
• 2013, (K-water) Technology Committee member of K-water.
• 2012, (KRRI) Technology Committee member of the Korea Railroad Research Institute.
• 2011, (Korail) Safety Committee member of the Korail for safety, evaluation of projects and management.
• 2011, (MOLIT) Technology Committee member of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Korea. 
• 2011, (SM) Technology Committee member of the Seoul Metro. 
• 2010, (SMRT) Technology Committee member of the 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit.



• 2016, Special Railroad Vehicle 1st Ed. NCR
• 2013, Rolling Stock Engineering, 2nd Ed. ISBN 978-89-8225-948
• 2012, Rolling Stock Engineering, New Ed., ISBN 978-89-8225-821-3
• 2011, Safety Report on Korea Railway Co., Korail Safety Committee.
• 2008, Machine and Design, AutoTech, ISBN 978-89-89088-94-3
• 2008, Basic Mechanical Engineering Drawing, ISBN 978-89-89088-88-2
• 1984, Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering Design, Hyungsul Co.
• 1978, Mechanical Engineering Design & Drawing, College textbook by Ministry of Education


Report and research:

• 2013, (MOSF) RFID project team for subway parts wear of KIC system by Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
• 2012, Project for business evaluation of CEO for the railway companies
• 2012, Research Report for transfer of subway control of Korail
• 2012, Research Report of the cases of research of worldwide control system
• 2011, Report on technology for railway vehicle of Korail
• 2011, Development of drainer for medical surgery of knee joint and export with Calleb Co.
• 2008, Research as a team member for using “Nano material” of new architecture supporting materials.