"A Virtual Model of SUNY Korea Campus"

A Virtual Model of SUNY Korea Campus

A team of undergraduate MEC students consisting of team leader Jee Won Lee and team members Prince-David Malendele, Hyunseung Cha and  Sooyon Chang, under supervision of graduate student Jonathan Boyack and MEC professor Jongseong Brad Choi, have created a  virtual model of SUNY Korea campus using a rover and Lidar sensing system. The project  is performed in the Mechanical Systems with Intelligence and Computer Vision (MEIC) Laboratory. This video shows a real-time virtual model of SUNY Korea campus that can be used as an Augmented Reality and  Metabus environment. The overall goal of the project is to develop autonomous robots using navigation with GPS information. This novel technology will also be developed further for smart city applications such as remote assessment of falling hazards of high-rise buildings in cities. More information about this project can be obtained from Prof. Jongseong Brad Choi.  

Please check out a video on MEIC Laboratory Facebook Channel! 

--> https://fb.watch/9WTpvEKA9b/