Prof. Choi   Jongseong Brad Choi / 최종성

   Email:  |


   Phone: +82-32-626-1811

   Office: Academic Building B625


   2020, Ph.D., Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering

   2014, M.S., University of Mississippi, Mechanical Engineering

   2012, B.S., University of Mississippi, Mechanical Engineering


Research Areas:

  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Computer Vision
  • Visual Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Big Data and Fusion
  • Aerial Manipulation
  • Hypersonic Propulsion
  • Compressible Flow


Major Achievements:

Dr. Choi has been working on many pioneering research projects spanning both engineering mechanics and computer vision supported by NSF (National Science Foundation), NASA, EU (European Union). Much of his work has been on automating structural health monitoring procedures via visual analytics, mainly through handling big visual data, machine-learning techniques, and aerial manipulations. He redirected and published algorithms for various engineering mechanics applications exploiting Structure-from-Motion (SfM), Multiview geometry, and one-shot learning (Siamese Convolutional Neural Networks - SCNNs). In addition, he also has made contributions to the area of propulsion and compressible flow. With the experience, his current research aims to develop a smart city and smart factory applications.


Representative Publications:

  • Jongseong Choi & Shirley J. Dyke (2020), CrowdLIM: Crowdsourcing to Enable Lifecycle Infrastructure Management. Computers in Industry, 115, 103185.
  • Jongseong Choi, Chul Min Yeum, Shirley J. Dyke, & Mohammad J. Jahanshahi (2018), Computer-aided approach for rapid post-event visual evaluation of a building façade. Sensors, 18(9), 3017
  • Chul Min Yeum, Jongseong Choi, & Shirley J. Dyke. (2018), Automated region-of-interest localization and classification for vision-based visual assessment of civil infrastructure. Structural Health Monitoring, 1475921718765419.
  • Chul Min Yeum, Jongseong Choi, & Shirley J. Dyke (2017), Autonomous image localization for visual inspection of civil infrastructure. Smart Materials and Structures, 26(3), 035051.
  • Xiaoyu Liu, Shirley J. Dyke, Chul Min Yeum, Ilias Bilionis, Ali Lenjani, & Jongseong Choi (2020), Automated Indoor Image Localization to Support Post-Event Building Assessment. Sensors, 20(6), 1610.
  • Ali Lenjani, Shirley J. Dyke, Ilias Bilionis, Chul Min Yeum, Kenzo Kamiya, Jongseong Choi, Xiaoyu Liu, & Arindam G. Chowdhury (2020), Towards fully automated post-event data collection and analysis: pre-event and post-event information fusion. Engineering Structure, 109884.
  • Jeffrey A. Roux, Jongseong Choi, & Neerad Shakya (2014), Parametric scramjet cycle analysis for nonideal mass flow rate. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 28(1), 166-171.
  • Jeffrey A. Roux, Neerad Shakya, & Jongseong Choi (2013), Scramjet: minimum thrust-specific fuel consumption with material limit. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 27(2), 367-368.
  • Jeffrey A. Roux, Neerad Shakya, & Jongseong Choi (2012), Revised parametric ideal scramjet cycle analysis. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 27(1), 178-183.