Industrial Advisory Board

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The Industrial Advisory Board mainly consists of leaders of industry that hire mechanical engineers in their companies. The purpose of the Industrial Advisory Board is to advise us on how to improve our curriculum so that we can better serve the industry at large. Industrial Advisory Board members serve voluntarily for a period of three years but the term will be renewed under mutual agreement. The current board members include:

두산그룹, 이현순 부회장 / Doosan Group, Hyunsoon Lee, Ph.D. (Vice Chairman)

우영유압, 채경호 사장 / Wooyoung Hydraulics Co.,Ltd., Kyungho Chae(CEO)

두산인프라코어, 장한기 상무 / Doosan Infracore(Institute of Technology), Hankee Jang(Director), Ph.D.

티피솔, 이충동 회장 / Tipisol, Choodong Lee(Chairman), Ph.D.

한국지노 유계현 사장 / Korea Chino Cooperation, Kyehyeon Ryu(CEO)

현대자동차 상품본부, 김흥수 상무 / Hyundai Motor Group, Heungsoo Kim(Director), Ph.D.

현대자동차 연구개발본부, 임재영 연구원 / Hyundai Motor Group, Jaeyoung Lim(Seinor Researcher), Ph.D.

일진 재료연구소, 박현수 상무 / ILJIN Group, Hyounsoo Park(Director), Ph.D.