Hamid Hefazi 
Chair, Professor, Ph.D., 1985, University of Southern California: Aerospace Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbomachinery, Aeroacoustics, Hydrodynamics, Ship Design, Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization (MDO) Methods


Changwoon Han
Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2005, University of Maryland College Park: Mechanical Engineering

Physics-of-Failure, Life Prediction, Accelerated Life Test, Prognostics and Health Management, Optical Measurement, Photo-mechanics


Y. Eugene Pak
Teaching Professor, Ph.D., 1985, Stanford University: Mechanical Engineering

Multiscale CAE, Theoretical and Computational Mechanics, Smart Materials and Structures, BioMEMS


Si Won Hwang
Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1996, Inha University: Mechanical Engineering

Fracture Mechanics, Traffic Collision and Reconstruction.


Gun Woong Bahng
Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1982, Northwestern University: Materials Science and Engineering

Water-assisted combustion technology, Carbon dioxide capture using membrane technology, Properties and structure of water, Biological effect of far infrared wave from ceramics, Microvesicle, pleomorphism, and origin of life


Min Yang Yang
Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1986, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Manufacturing

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AI in Manufacturing, Precision Engineering, Biosensor, Supercapacitor, Nano Fabrication, Laser Processing


Bruce W. Jo
Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2010, Columbia University: Mechanical Engineering

Morphorous Structure Design and Control, Robotic Mechanism and Machine Design, 3D Printing and Structure Design, Data Fusion and Human, Aircraft Design and Control, Design of Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Kinematics and Dynamics of Orgami and Folding Mechanism


Jongseong Brad Choi
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., 2020, Purdue University: Mechanical Engineering

Structural Health Monitoring, Computer Vision, Visual Analytics, Deep Learning, Big Data and Fusion, Aerial Manipulation, Hypersonic Propulsion, Compressible Flow


Cornelius Bradter
Research Professor, Ph.D. 2006, Technical University of Berlin.

Acoustics, Array Technology, Wavefield Synthesis, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, FPGAs, Audio Electronics, Acoustic Modelling


Seung-Bok Choi
Leading Professor, Ph.D., 1990, Michigan State University

Design and Control of Smart Material System, Magnetorheological Materials, Electrorheological Fluids, Shape Memory Alloys, Piezoelectric Materials, Robust Control Theory, Robot Control, Haptic and Rehabilitation Devices, Vibration Control, Precise Position Control, Ground and Air Vehicle Control, Sensors and Actuators


Dae Hwan Kim
Research Assistant Professor, Ph.D. 2015, Pukyong National University: Mechanical Design Engineering

Autonomous Robot, Robotic Design and Control, LIDAR sensor control, SLAM, Localization, Navigation, Perception.


Cross-Appointed Stony Brook Faculty

Foluso Ladeinde
Founding Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SUNY Korea, 2015-2019, 
Associate Professor,  Ph.D., 1988, Cornell University: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Turbulence; high-speed flows; theoretical and computational fluid dynamics; materials processing.


Imin Kao
Executive Director of SUNY Korea Academic Programs, Ph.D., 1991, Stanford University: Mechanical Engineering

Robotics; stiffness control; wiresaw manufacturing process; manufacturing automation; Taguchi methods.


David Hwang
Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2005, University of California, Berkeley: Mechanical Engineering

Micro-and nanoscale heat transfer, laser-assisted solar photovoltaic manufacturing, and diagnostics, advanced diagnostics of light-matter interaction