Important Information Regarding Academic Policies (Undergraduate)


MEC Degree Requirements:

  • BE/MS Accelerated Program (Link)
  • MEC Program Requirements (Link)
  • MEC Courses (Link)
  • SBC (Stony Brook Curriculum) Requirements (Link)
  • Degree Works (Link)

SBU Academic Policies:

  • Retake Policy (Link)
  • G/P/NC Policy (Link)
  • Categories of Academic Dishonesty (Link)
  • What is the Q course? (Link)
  • Transfer Course Equivalencies (Link)
  • General Academics F.A.Q. (Link)
  • SOLAR F.A.Q. (Link)

SUNY Korea Policies:

  • SUNY Korea Transfer Credit Policy (PDF File)
  • SUNY Korea Scholarship Policy (PDF File)
  • SUNY Korea Attendance Policy (PDF File)
  • SUNY Korea Online Course Policy (PDF File)